Whole System Transformation

The health of the system matters – it makes the difference between an organisation that fully engages and harnesses the highest potential thereby facilitating peak performance versus those that feel heavy, stuck, churning talent and running below par. Leading an organisation through complex change has become ‘the day job’ - this is made a whole lot easier when the health of the system is actively and consciously attended to by and through robust leadership.

From a systemic perspective, we think of an organisation as a living system and there are a range of factors that are critical for this living system to retain its vitality, including:

  • A clear sense of purpose (why) and leading principles (what)
  • A set of core values (how) that are lived and role modelled by senior leadership
  • An environment where the founders and those that have made a significant contribution over time, are included in the history
  • Where everyone can find a secure place from which to contribute and feel appropriately acknowledged – and thus experience a sense of belonging
  • Where there is a balance of giving AND taking over time (within the organisation and between the organisation and its customers/marketplace)