Knowing our place – a systemic perspective

Within our healthy relationships, we have a place that ‘feels right’. A place where we have a sense of belonging, can ‘play our part’ and instinctively know how to be in relationship. The same goes for our personal lives – for example, in our families where we always have a place – as well as in organisations. Within the systemic perspective, this is about paying attention to one of the fundamental ordering principles for a healthy system – ‘the order of place’. Your place in...
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Blogging: What’s the Point?

Getting to grips with blogging – even with expert help and lots of encouragement – isn’t something I found easy. I’d agree to create no-end of content and come up with the same excuse “I didn’t have time”. It’s something I hear from my own coaching clients and it’s usually a sign something’s not quite aligned. It took a beach break to realise what was holding me back. Read on for my tips on how to get blogging… Go with the Flow It’s amazing what...
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Discovering Your Soul Journey

Wow. I’ve just completed an awesome 3 days with Nic Askew, from Soul Biographies, where I have had the opportunity to reach into my deeper being and allow my soul journey to be seen and ‘speak to me’ – in the suspense of time that was beautifully held. Soul Journey does sound a bit of an ‘odd’ phrase, and some might even call it cliché.  My way of ‘holding it’, is to think about why I’m here.  What is my real purpose? – What makes...
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