Who’s got your back?

A few weeks ago, I was facilitating a session at our EAHAE conference in Kazakhstan. Part-way through the session, one of the stunning horses (a Freesian mare) came and stood at my back. This is her in the photo above. When she arrived at my back, you can see she’s stood right at my right side and looking over my shoulder. I had such a strong felt sense of support, like a strength behind me that was fully available for me – allowing me to... Read more

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Is it time to wake up?

I know how to be busy, being busy! And whilst that can be a productive (and often satisfying) way of being – it’s not always our most energising and life affirming. Over the past few years, I’d been experiencing a consistency of messages and gentle nudges coming to me (from lots of sources) and frankly, I pretty much ignored them. I was getting on with getting on and wasn’t ready or open to truly exploring them. After all, life was pretty good, I was enjoying... Read more

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Acknowledging what “is” – a crucial first step in sustainable change

We live in a fast-paced volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world. It can be easy to get caught up in a polarised position of either staying on the treadmill of known territory (keeping your head down and doing what you know well) OR jumping over to the next ‘big thing’ (becoming an early adopter of the latest initiative that looks like it will move things forwards). Perhaps there’s another way…. Start by slowing down When we incorporate a systemic perspective, it asks us to... Read more

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