How we can help – Cultural Transformation

It is increasingly being recognised, that the only way to increase the productivity and innovation necessary to survive and prosper in the twenty first century will be to radically transform the corporate values and culture of an organisation. This critical issue is rapidly becoming the new frontier of competitive advantage.

“Corporate transformation begins with a shift in the values and behaviours of the leadership. Corporations don’t transform, people do!” Richard Barrett

The Transformation Agency can help you to figure out how to ignite the organisation (and its employees) for higher performance by assessing your current culture and creating your desired corporate culture that aligns with the values of all stakeholders through the utilisation of the corporate transformation toolkit.

The toolkit provides the client with a tangible (quantitative and qualitative) perspective on the current culture and values (and behaviours), the blockages that may be getting in the way of success, the strengths to leverage, an insight into the desired culture and a highly insightful platform to uncover a ‘roadmap’ for progression. Each piece is created as a bespoke activity and is designed in context of the longer term organisational vision, strategy and brand identity.

The Corporate Transformation Tools have been used in 22 countries by corporations, municipal and central governments and not-for-profit organisations. Modified versions of the tools are also being used by communities, schools, classrooms, and nations.

  1. They provide one of the most comprehensive cultural diagnostic and values assessments commercially available
  2. They are affordable for both small and large organisations
  3. The survey requires only 15 minutes to complete and is customised for every organisation
  4. The survey form is accessible on the Internet, and in several languages
  5. Prices are the same for any size of employee base
  6. Total Costs are based on number of analyses requested
  7. There is a quick turnaround – two to four weeks from project initiation to reporting