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‘FAST’ - Facilitating and Activating Systemic Transformation

‘FAST’ Programme
A Series of 4 x Masterclasses

An innovative and experiential programme of Masterclasses, designed to develop & embed systemic capability INSIDE the system.

This highly practical and thought-provoking series includes inspirational guest speakers, extensive resources and the opportunity to apply them to your change projects.

  • Masterclass 1: Your Leadership Brand as an Agent of Transformation
  • Masterclass 2: Designing your Change Approach
  • Masterclass 3: Navigating Tension & Conflict
  • Masterclass 4: Managing Large Scale Infrastructural Change
The Context

Never before have we experienced such a high level of turbulence, unpredictability and complexity. Change has shifted from being a single event in an organisation’s history that can be discretely managed, to a dynamic and ongoing condition of survival. This means it is becoming a critical part of the day job.

We already know that more than 70% of transformation initiatives fail to hit their target ambitions. Failure has largely been accredited to insufficient attention on the human element AND the ‘how’ of change (the plan). This is heavily supported by the latest research*. A quality of leadership that encompasses a whole system perspective and develops a dynamic approach to the design of the change plan, were found to be differentiating factors in successful large scale, complex change.

Why a Whole System Perspective is Key

A systemic perspective views all organisations as multi-dimensional living systems. This approach helps to illuminate the whole system, its complexity and inter-dependencies in a way that enables you to design your plan and execute more effectively. When things get stuck, or meet resistance, as they inevitably will, it allows you to get underneath the issues, identify the root cause and move beyond them.

The Programme of Masterclasses

This practical and highly applicable series of Masterclasses is designed to build systemic capabilities that will add immediate value to your change projects AND your leadership.

The Format

The programme comprises of a series of 4 x 2 Day Masterclasses, scheduled over four months.

Each Masterclass focusses on a key aspect of the systemic change approach and whilst designed to build capability and momentum, they can be attended as stand-alone events.

All include:

  • An environment with stimulus, tools and frameworks to explore and evolve your approach
  • Peers from a range of industry sectors to support your learning and development
  • An inspirational guest speaker sharing their experiences of leading transformation
Guest Speakers

Each of the speakers are change leaders and practitioners in their own right. They share their insights, experience and wisdom, including the nitty gritty and messy dimension of change. Each has activated and enabled transformation of various scales across a variety of organisational settings.

Who it is Designed for

It is for those working within organisations, who are influencing, seeking buy-in for, and/or shaping change initiatives of any scale.

This is right for you if you’re:

  • Embarking on a significant change initiative and you’d welcome some inspiration and to hear from other change leaders about their experience, and their key learnings
  • Part-way through a change initiative and you’d welcome the opportunity to sense check your approach
  • Partnering with a colleague in your organisation on a change piece and you’re keen to ensure you each have and maintain a healthy place, from which to lead
  • Experiencing challenges on a change initiative; you have a sense that there’s something hindering progress and would welcome some resources to understand this better and move the system beyond it
  • Keen to build your leadership capabilities and you are aware that leading change is a key element of this
  • Curious to learn more, having heard of the value of the systemic approach
  • 24th & 25th June 2020 - Your Leadership Brand as an Agent of Transformation
  • 15th & 16th July 2020 - Designing your Change Approach
  • 2nd & 3rd Sept 2020 - Navigating Tension & Conflict
  • 7th & 8th October 2020 - Managing Large Scale Infrastructural Change

All Masterclasses will take place in Central London:
The Artworks Classrooms
60a Weston Road
London Bridge
London SE1 3QJ.

For more information, download the PDF – here.

To book your place – please get in touch:


Friday 6th Nov – Monday 9th November 2020




Wadi Rum - valley of the moon.

Join us in the serenity of the Jordanian desert for this unique
retreat experience, designed to re-awaken your
Spirit of Adventure.

Over the course of the four days, we will invite you to quieten down the busy mind and engage with the expansiveness of the desert. You can expect a rich, deep and diverse experience that takes care of the mind, body, heart and soul – this includes systemic horse coaching, gathering in circles to reflect and share, shamanic rituals, yoga and meditative walks in the desert. This unique integration of practices are in service of enabling you to truly listen to, and inquire into what is calling you forward – what is your next adventure?

“Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”
- Jennifer Lee

We will invite you to gently inquire into the following areas:

  • From your history & journey thus far...
    • What gifts and core capabilities have you gathered?
    • What have been the rich learnings and insights so far?
    • What old patterns/parts of yourself, might you want to release?

Remaz - young mare: one of four equine hosts.

  • When you create the space: what is trying to emerge through you?
    • What is your intuitive wisdom trying to communicate to you?
    • What themes & insights are being channeled through your dreams?
    • What is your most potent purpose & highest potential?
    • How can you harness your innate power & wisdom?
    • What new patterns might you want to give birth to, as you journey forward?
  • How can you maintain this new state of flow & clarity?
    • What wisdom will you carry with you?
    • What do you need?
    • Who & What are your sources of support?
“And Spirit grasped a handful of southerly wind, blew breath over it and created the horse... Given the power of flight without wings.”
- Bedouin prayer


Friday 6th Nov – Monday 9th November 2020

Wadi Rum desert Jordan - Valley of the Moon.

Day 1: 6th November - Connect

Expected arrival time at 1 pm for lunch buffet at Sun City Camp. After lunch we move to our private Bedouin camp where we will have time to ground, settle, open and expand our awareness for the next 4 days. This first afternoon we will hold an opening ceremony, explore the area on a meditative walk, set our intentions and share in circle around the fire.

Dinner buffet and overnight in your tented room or under the stars.

Day 2, 7th November - Honour

We start the day with some yoga to tune in to our current state of being. After breakfast we have a short transfer to meet the horses for intuitive and systemic reflections regarding our history & family: Which beliefs, patterns and relationships are supporting us and which do we need to alter or release in order to fully step into our authentic and empowered truths.

Day 3, 8th November - Awaken

We start our day with a flowing & playful yoga session attuning us for the day in which we focus on our emergent Self: what wishes to manifest through us? The constellations of this morning invite us to sensing into our own wisdom and power. A short transfer will take us back to the camp for lunch.

Horse Wisdom Session with the four horses of Sandra’s herd: Gamar, Nour, Remaz and Zahir. Picture courtesy of Alper Ertubey

After lunch we will ride a camel - moving into silence through the desert space on these majestic animals.

In the afternoon we have time to wander, reflect, meditate and creatively express our gained insights. Story telling around the fire, dinner & overnight at the camp.

Day 4, 9th November - Adventure

At sunrise we activate our energy with some creative yoga: feel how your energie wants to blossom into movement. After breakfast we gather for a meditative walk: what is it what we take from this desert experience? What do we need to keep our adventure spirit soaring high and free? We gather for ceremony to thank the land, the stars, spirit, the horses and each other for holding space for us.

We will have lunch at Sun City Camp. After which we say our goodbyes.


For those who like we can arrange optional visits to Aqaba, Petra, Dead Sea, Mt Nebo and/or Jerash.

You can send your requests for transfers, optional visits and activities to and she will advise and have a travel consultant arrange the rest of your trip.







Tess Cope - UK
Transformation Agency

Jackie Stevenson - US
Spirit of Leadership

Sandra Jelly - NL
Pink Spirit Jordan



Tess Cope

Tess (O’Kane) Cope is the founder of The Transformation Agency – an organisation that has been generated from a real passion of enabling clients to harness their Highest Potential. She believes that by working in the context of the wider systemic forces, facilitating REAL conversations, and enabling the highest potential, a more sustainable platform for higher performance is established.

Tess’ has a broad business background that spans various sectors and includes Global & Board level responsibility. She has ‘walked the talk’ with commercial roles before finding her passion in the people agenda with leadership roles in HR with specific responsibility for Leadership Development. The core offering of The Transformation Agency spans the area of Culture & Values, Leadership Development (via Executive Coaching & leadership Retreats) and Leadership Team Facilitation.

Tess has worked with clients across the UK, Europe, Middle East and the US and brings a leading-edge systemic approach to unlock the highest potential. This systemic approach, experience & expertise is being called upon to train consulting & coaching practitioners across the UK and beyond in 2019.

“Tess guided me through time of significant change and transition both professionally and personally. With her systemic approach , she helped me to maximise my strengths and let go of traits that no longer served me or the business. She guided and supported me through some of the toughest choices of my career to date, which have proven to be incredibly rewarding and invigorating. Tess is the most effective coach I have ever worked with and I look forward to working with her again in the future”.

Mandy Cluskey, Associate MD, Retail Week

Jackie Stevenson

Jackie Stevenson is the founder and CEO of Spirit of Leadership LLC providing coaching, leadership and team building training and seminars for corporations and not- for-profit.

Jackie teaches at Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management Executive Development Program, the School of Applied Social Sciences and the ICF Gestalt Institute of Cleveland Coaching Program. She is on the Weatherhead School of Management coaching staff and is a Board Certified Coach (BCC) She is founder of Wolf Creek Women’s Wilderness program and the Spirit of Leadership Experiential Learning with Horses certificate program.

Jackie’s work is unique to each client. The coaching process is grounded in well accepted practices and focuses on a strength based systemic approach of “what’s working” and “what needs to change” perspective. Incorporated in her coaching is the development of embodied leadership presence focusing on body language and the alignment of mission, goals and action. Jackie specializes in unique coaching sessions and leadership and team building retreats through experiential learning with horses and nature.

“Jackie’s deep relationship with her horses and her authentic presence helps people arrive at greater self-understanding and purposefulness in life. Its gift is the transformation of our ordinary life into an experience of peace, joy and connectedness with our fellow human beings and the larger natural world.”

Alice & David Kolb Phd’s, Experience Based Learning Systems

Sandra Jelly

Sandra is an artist, designer, social entrepreneur, yogi and equine assisted coach who founded Pink Spirit Jordan and hosts retreats in the desert of Jordan. Her talent is to inspire others with her joy, energy and courage for life. To listen to the heart whisper and putting all talents at work to align Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul and to manifest dreams, individually and in community. Trusting the universe, her spirit and her horses to guide others on that same path on which we find peace, balance and fulfillment.

"Sandra is a natural. With grace and subtlety, she and her horses guide the individual to deep experience of self, place and purpose.”

Alena - Yoga Nomads, US



Bedouin tea

Investment: 1.850 USD per person
Single supplement: 145 USD
  • All transfers described in the program.
  • Three nights accommodation in a private Bedouin Camp
  • Four day guidance & coaching by Tess, Jackie and Sandra.
  • Daily yoga & guided meditations.
  • Two mornings equine assisted coaching with 4 horses.
  • 1 hr camel ride and dinner on a surprise location.
  • Sharing circle and ceremonies.
  • Full board basis including tea. Excluding water, coffee and soft drinks.

Meditative Barefoot walk - Wadi Rum.

  • Flights
  • Transfers from the airport (Aqaba or Amman) to Wadi Rum.
  • Visa for Jordan & Entry tickets (see
  • Personal expenses, drinks & travel insurance
  • Tips
  • Optional activities like Thai Massage, jeep tour or horse ride.



In2Jordan travel agency

Citadel Amman, location of In2Jordan’s main office, with branches in Petra, Wadi Rum and Petra.

We passionately design holidays in Jordan. We combine visits to main highlights with responsible and adventurous activities and show the local cultures & traditions.

Our dedicated team of experts who are located all around the country, is ready to create a holiday of a lifetime. We’d love to take you along the nicest places of Jordan. Major attractions such as Petra, Wadi Rum and Jerash. Or along local initiatives; small societies, beautiful nature and lovely locals.

Business to business

For excursions, personalized itineraries, round-trips or just for advice. We’re your dedicated tour operator and put your customer’s wishes up front.

As an international team living in Jordan with Dutch, German, British and Jordanian backgrounds, we know how to combine your customer’s wishes with the local Jordanian culture.


In2Jordan is a part of Amani Tours, a family business of two generations in Amman, Jordan.




In out-of-the-way places of the heart,
Where your thoughts never think to wander,
This beginning has been quietly forming,
Waiting until you were ready to emerge.

For a long time it has watched your desire,
Feeling the emptiness growing inside you,
Noticing how you willed yourself on,
Still unable to leave what you had outgrown.

It watched you play with the seduction of safety
And the gray promises that sameness whispered,
Heard the waves of turmoil rise and relent,
Wondered would you always live like this.

Then the delight, when your courage kindled,
And out you stepped onto new ground,
Your eyes young again with energy and dream,
A path of plenitude opening before you.

Though your destination is not yet clear
You can trust the promise of this opening;
Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning
That is at one with your life's desire.

Awaken your spirit to adventure;
Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk;
Soon you will be home in a new rhythm,
For your soul senses the world that awaits you.