About Us

At The Transformation Agency, We Are Passionate About Working In Partnership With Our Clients To Make A Positive and Sustainable Difference in Approach and ultimately, in Performance.

Our systemic approach is based on a fundamental understanding of what drives behaviour and performance within the larger system. We ensure we get to the root causes/source of issues that are hindering performance AND provide leading edge methodologies to ignite the transformation process and enable clients to master culture, values, leadership and change. This often involves facing into the tough stuff, identifying & respectfully releasing the systemic issues that need to be acknowledged so that preparation for the emergent future, can begin.

Tess Cope is the Founder of The Transformation Agency,  has operated at Board Level and has extensive experience working with global and UK based organisations, across both public and private sectors.  With integrity as one of her core values, Tess is passionate about ‘walking the talk’ and can be seen here, at a UK Speaking Event, sharing some of her own personal transformational journey.