Welcome to The Transformation Agency

Organisations Are Complex Living Systems That Are Influenced By Their History, Enabled By Some Organising Principles, An Orienting Purpose, A Clear Flow of Leadership AND Move Towards Their Destiny.

When these principles are met, we see vibrancy, the full potential of employees are engaged, a steady flow of innovation, and ultimately high performance. When dysfunction arises, it is important to look beyond the immediate landscape and incorporate the broader systemic lens to introduce the intervention that enables the sustainable return of a healthy flow.

Our Why?

Facilitating Systemic Breakthroughs that enable Clients to Harness their Highest Potential.

Our Values:

  • Really listening to our clients’ needs & creating tailored solutions that meet those needs
  • Integrity – doing the right thing for the client; doing what we say we will do; being open, transparent and challenging the status quo with positive intention
  • Passion – making a difference, and caring about that difference
  • Flexibility – exploring & creating options; staying fresh