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Join us for a one-day introduction to ‘FAST’

Facilitating and Activating Systemic Transformation

Introducing a new programme to develop & embed transformation capability inside the company’s ecosystem for longer term sustainability

The scale of and context for change is changing. Never before have we experienced such a high level of turbulence, unpredictability, complexity and disruption in an ever increasingly, inter-connected world. The global economic crisis continues, traditional business models are being obliterated, the concept of cross-country collaborations are being significantly challenged and survival, let alone success, requires a constant state of attunement and adaptation.

Change has shifted from being a single event in an organisation’s history that can be discretely managed, to more of a dynamic and ongoing condition of survival. It is vital, therefore, for organisations to build systemic change leadership capacity and capabilities that are fit for purpose, within the ecosystem.

Based on extensive research over the past decade, we know that more than 70% of transformation initiatives fail to hit their target ambitions. This is for a variety of reasons including a focus on the ‘what’ of change and insufficient attention on the human element and the ‘how’ of change.

More recent research demonstrates the importance of the systemic approach as a critical leadership capability. In addition, there is a realisation that this can be the differentiating factor in successful large scale, complex change. This leadership capability, however, is relevant for any scale of change (and can provide a significant contribution to the design of change communications), regardless of where you are in the organisation.

The systemic approach recognises and embraces the reality that all organisations are multi-dimensional living systems which require certain ‘organising principles’ to be in healthy flow. These principles include (but are not limited to) respect for the founding principles/history, clarity of purpose & attunement to the ‘customer/consumer’ AND emergent future, a clear & robust flow of leadership, employees (& functions) to have a strong sense of their place in the organisational matrix and an experienced sense of mutual exchange.

This approach provides the methodology to uncover the hidden forces/dynamics that may be hindering the flow of innovation, vitality, optimum performance and/or the traction of change initiatives in the organisation.

This highly experiential, modular programme is designed to build these systemic capabilities within organisations so as to facilitate successful implementation and sustainability (over the longer term) of the ongoing & evolving transformation agenda.

Who is this programme for?

Anyone who is influencing, seeking buy-in for AND shaping change initiatives. Business Leaders and Workstream leads for significant transformation projects will get immense benefit from building their systemic capabilities. This includes HR/OD practitioners, who are partnering with the organisation in on-going change.

Participants can join the open programme (commences mid-May 2019), consisting of four modules scheduled over eight months (8 days in total, plus 1:1 coaching/supervision). Alternatively, a bespoke version can be designed to be delivered within the organisational ecosystem.

An Introduction Day – Tuesday 19th February 2019

Join us for a one-day introduction to this unique and highly experiential programme – where you will have an opportunity to experience this leading edge, systemic approach.

Location: Tofte Manor, Souldrop Road, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire

Timing: Arrival 9.30am for 10am start (4.30pm finish)

Cost: There is a minimal cost of £99.00 to cover venue & food

PLACES ARE LIMITED - Please get in touch if you’d like us to hold a place for you