Forthcoming Events

Blue Heron

Join us on a unique 12-month Leadership Programme of Self Discovery...
That embraces all of who you are. Learn to trust your inner guide, to live
and lead on purpose and achieve your fullest potential in a complex world.

Winter Intensive

16th-18th January 2019

Uncovering your roots,
helping them thrive

Reflect on the gifts that you have
earned on your journey so far. Identify
your shadow and edges. Let go of
elements that are no longer helpful;
embrace those to take you
into your next chapter.

Spring Intensive

15th-17th May 2019

Allowing the new shoots to emerge

Create the ideal landscape to
achieve your true potential. Develop
the archetypal energies you will need
together with healthy boundaries.
Identify the early shoots of your
new purpose.

Autumn Intensive

16th-18th October 2019

Harvesting the fruits of reflection
and building resilience

Identify your leading principles
and your communication platform.
Understand which resources to call
upon in maintaining resilience as
your future path unfolds.

Summer Intensive

17th-19th July 2019

Opening up to your true purpose

Define and refine your true
potential. What is drawing you
forward? Tap into your inner
guide and learn to trust
its direction.

About us

Tess Cope from The Transformation Agency and Tracey Gray from Cresano Consulting are coming together to design and deliver this unique leadership programme. Having worked together and known each other for over 25 years, Tess and Tracey bring their combined experience of over 50 years at Board Level in FTSE100, FTSE 250, and PE backed businesses, together with their own unique perspectives of working in the challenging corporate world. They now both provide executive coaching and leadership team development; their common goal is to work with people who are ready to create healthy transformation, unlocking their highest potential in a way that is challenging yet safe and truly unique to each individual or team.

Programme Details

Participant numbers are strictly limited to maintain healthy group dynamics. We will schedule conversations with each participant in advance to make sure this programme is right for you.

Programme price £18,000 to include:

  • Four intensive retreats of 2.5 days at Tofte Manor,
    Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire
  • Five Executive Coaching Sessions
    - spread throughout the programme
  • Values based 360 degree feedback
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