About Us

At The Transformation Agency, we are passionate about working in partnership with our clients to make a positive difference for organisations, leaders and their teams through the transformation and ongoing development of organisational culture, values and leadership – thereby enabling higher performance.

Our approach is based on a fundamental understanding of what drives behaviour and performance of individuals, teams and organisations. We provide our clients with established and leading edge methodologies, technologies and practices that enable them to master culture, values, leadership and change.

Tess (O’Kane) Cope is the founder of The Transformation Agency and has extensive experience within organisational and personal development across both the private and public sectors – working within global and UK based organisations at Board level – media, distribution, financial services and healthcare sectors.

She works with senior management teams and HR leaders across a range of diverse organisations and specialises in Cultural Transformation, Leadership Development, and Executive Coaching. She is a qualified practitioner of a range of diagnostics, psychometrics and integral methodologies which she applies for whole system sustainable change with clients.

We have a range of experts that we work alongside to ensure the relevant expertise is brought to each client assignment.